In factory delivery sales, the customer is responsible to provide the equipment and labor to unload the packages at the site. While unloading the packages from the vehicle, a forklift (it should be four-legged if the panel size is above 7.00mt) or a crane must be used depending on the length or weight.

During lifting with a crane, a flat strap or sling with a width of min 20 cm should be used and no chain or wire rope should be used. Edges of the sandwich panels must be protected well while they are lifted to the roof with a belt. A wooden wedge must be placed to the contact point with the ropes or a protective material must be placed at the edge of the panel.It should be paid attention that the pressure panels come face to face, must not cause deterioration. If possible, an apparatus to distribute the center of gravity should be used under the packages. For packages with a length of more than 7 m, special lifting beams must be used. The parts of the package which are outside the basket or rope must not exceed 3.00 m.

Wall panels should be placed in a shaded and sheltered area at the construction site. Roof panels can be unloaded to the ground, on the purlines or scissors where the installation will be realized. Packages must be distributed to the roof surface so that they do not cause point loads. Since these packages will create a load, an approval must be obtained from the project manager, whether spans will be able to carry that load. Also, it should also be tied firmly against flying risk on a windy weather . If the slope of the roof is above so much that it can cause sliding of the panels, a precaution should be taken against slipping.

Sandwich panels should be lifted by turning to side since pulling them out of a stack will cause others to be scratched. One should not be dragged or slide above the other, they should be moved by lifting up.

While carrying the panels, they should not be lifted by holding from the side edges or metal ears, this can cause deformation. They should be moved by handling entirely.