Dimensional Tolerances

Dimensional Tolerances of Sandwich panel
Size Tolerance(value allowed maximum)
Thickness of Sandwich Panel

D≤ 100mm ±2mm

D>100mm ±2%

Deviation of flatness (according to the measurement of L length)

L=200mm flatness deviation 0.60mm

L=400mm flatness deviation 1.00mm

L>700mm flatness deviation 1.50mm

Height of Metal Section

5<h≤ 50mm ±1 mm

5<h≤100mm ±2.50 mm

Height of Section Bracing

ds < 1mm ±30%ds

1mm<ds≤3mm ±0.3%

3mm<ds≤5mm ±10%ds

Length of the Sandwich Panel

L≤3m ± 5mm

L>3m ±10mm

Width of the Sandwich Panel w ±2mm
Deviation of Rectangularity s≤0.6% x W(nominal covering width)
Deviation of Longitudinal Rectilinearity (length) 1mm per 1 mt of length,max 5mm

2mm per 1 mt of length,max 10mm

8.5mm per one metre of width in case of flat sections-h≤10mm

10mm per one metre of width of the sections-h>10mm

Section Pitch (p)

h≤50mm p:±2mm

h>50mm p:±3mm

Rib width (b1) and wave hollow width (b2)

b1 ± 1 mm

b2 ± 2 mm

Sandwich Panel size measurement method is shown detailed in TS EN 14509 Appendix D