Polyurethane (PUR)

Polyurethane is rigid polyurethane foam formed by the mixture of two main components named as polyol and isocyanurate under special production conditions, with catalyst materials and under high pressure. It has a closed cell structure. Thereby, it can provide excellent thermal insulation.

Polyurethane density must be between the range of 40 (± 2) kg/m³ so that the thermal insulation coefficient is at the desired value and for the carrier characteristics
of the panel. It has high dimensional stability. Water absorption is not available, it floats on water. No bacteria grows inside. Its usage performance is good since it has high compressive strength. Usage temperature should be 70-80°C maximum. Maximum resistance temperature is 100-110°C. Above this temperature it loses its characteristics.

PUR Laboratory Values Value
Application Temperature (°C) -40 ~ +80
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient (l-W/mK) 0,022
Compressive Strength - 10% expanded (N/mm²) 0,15 – 0,20
Bending Strength (N/mm²) 0,24 – 0,30
Water Absorption (after 168 hours - %) 0,05 – 0,20
Steam Diffusion Resistance 55 – 60
Fire Class B2 – B3 (DIN 4102)
Closed Cell Content 91-95%