Quality Policy

As Metapanel Family, we apply ISO 9001:2008 Quality System which covers the entire process from production, marketing to after-sales services in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and our work to improve the efficiency continues. All of our products are manufactured according to the TS EN 14509:2014-04 standard.

As the management and employees, our aim is to become an organization leader in our sector, by being open to innovation, follow technological developments closely and being quality minded. Therefore, we ensure participation of our employees and customers in quality enhancement and development activities by establishing quality service awareness in all the units and creating training programs. Our works continue to improve our processes to ensure full compliance with national and international standards for product quality; to determine and fulfill the needs, demands and expectations; to improve the satisfaction of the customer.

Metapanel products are manufactured due to TS EN 14509 standards and controls in whole processes, starting from raw material input until to the finished product.

Standard quality test methods;

  • Metal Impact Resistance Test
  • Color Tone Detection
  • Tensile Strength Test
  • Panel Compressive Strength Test
  • Metal Tensile Test