Packagin and Shipping

To maintain the life of sandwich panels, the product must not be damaged during packaging, shipping, unloading, storing and transportation processes. During production, metal surfaces are protected against scratching with a polyethylene film. However, additional precaution should be taken for shipping and unloading processes when packing the products. Packing of sandwich panel products varies based on the type of product, type and thickness of insulation core and the vehicle type selected for shipping. The number of panels in the package is calculated based on the distributed load calculations of the panel and the bearing limits of the equipment which will lift and take down the panel.

Sandwich Panel packages are separated by EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) dowels from each other. These dowels provide a distance to prevent hard contact of the panels with each other and for the forks of forklifts or the crane belts can enter between the packages easily without harming. EPS dowels or airbags are also placed between panel packages from sides to prevent friction and tipping over while on road.

Crane or forklift can be used for loading at the Metapanel loading area. All side stands of the vehicles that will arrive for shipment must be able to be removed for side loading. In domestic market loadings, the vehicles should be open and flatbad. Side and rear covers must be closed after the loading. 10 piece ratchet straps must be available in the vehicles. 15-20 cm width plastic or wooden brackets are also used to prevent harming the panel edges and joints from the ratchet straps.Other than the standard packaging, a wooden pallet can be placed underneath the bottom package against the crane  or forklift shocks, upon request of the customer.


The body size of the vehicle which will perform the shipment must be chosen according to the panel size. The customer is responsible for the risks during the transportation of the panels in case they overflow the transport. It is recommended that the vehicle does not increase its speed above 70-80 km taking the condition of the road into account. The ratchet straps and the packages must be checked in every 100 km but the ratchet straps must not be tighten more than necessary to prevent slipping.

Accessory packages can be loaded in the same vehicle together with the sandwich panels. However, they must be separated from each other and should be prevented from damaging each other.