MP-32/500 Roof and Wall Trapezoidal Sheet

Trapezioidal Sheets can be produced from galvanized sheet metal or aluminium, as coilcoating painted or unpainted, in various thicknesses and forms. They are used as single layer without thermal insulation or, as multi-layer roof and wall applications where thermal insulation is laid down in between two corrugated sheets.

In multi-layer systems applied by insulating between two trapezes, purlins used to determine span distance. Vapour barrier must be used on bottom trapeze to prevent water vapour and condensation. The intermediate purlin and therefore the roof load must be transferred to the carrier structure of the construction by using plates to hesitate loading bottom trapeze. Min 1 lame (thin plate) must be used in every 1 mt.EPS, XPS, Polyurethane, Rockwool or Glasswool plates are used for insulation.

In Mineral Wool insulations steam barrier must be used btw upper trapeze and insulation material. Heat bridges between the profiles that are determining the span distance and the trapezes must be prevented by insulating bands.

Product Name
Steel Thickness
Span Type
Span Distance
1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Max.Distributed Load (kg/m2)
0,40 3,52 Two Span 296 190 88 47 41
Multi Span 341 221 104 57 51
0,50 4,40 Two Span 363 237 110 59 50
Multi Span 418 273 132 74 63
0,60 5,28 Two Span 441 285 133 71 62
Multi Span 503 325 159 86 77
0,70 6,15 Two Span 536 333 155 83 73
Multi Span 612 380 188 102 90

. Values have been calculated using the allowable “Stress Design” method, taking self weight, imposed loads (wind load) and temperature (Δt=±20ºC) into account.
. If loads are effected as downwards l/200 and l/150 , ıf loads are effected as suction l/150 deflection limits have been used
. Values have been calculated using the steel quality fγ=240 Mpa(Yield Strength).