Human Resources Policy

Metapanel A.Ş. Human Resources mentality contains creating applications and approaches that supports performance and strategic targets. Our policy is to combine necessity of the work and ability of the worker, and selecting, improving, evaluating and managing Human Resources due to modern criteria with the basis of same opportunity for everyone.




  • To encourage workers to take responsibility of their own work results
  • To recognize and reward employees' contribution, success and high performance,
  • To reward workers due to their repsonsibility they take and the value they add to the organisation

Are the purposes of Human Resources.

  • To ensure the creation and dissemination of a culture that is participatory, sharing, transparent, valued for diversity and creativity,To take notice workers’ Suggestions and recommendations
  • To take into account the suggestions and expectations of employees,
  • To improve the affirmative approach to cohesion continuously,
  • To provide a business environment, safe,healthy and maintain ethical values, to balance the private and work life

Are the targets of Human Resources.